Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Sideline For Kids

My daughter, who is now seven years old, is loving the summer heat. She never seem to run out of activities to do. From the moment she wakes up in the morning until just before she goes to bed at night, she is always up on her toes. Most of the time I would wonder where gets those loads of energy. But kids will be kids :-)

However, the other day something was a bit different. After breakfast she asked me if I could bake some goodies for her. I instantly said yes, and she said "mommy I'll be rich today". Surprised as I was, I asked her "why do you say so", and she replied "because I'm going to sell all the goodies". Of course, I became very excited for her. :-)

Anyways, we decided to make some polvorons-a soft shortbread made of flour, sugar, butter and milk. We only had the basic ingredients and we made the simplest polvoron ever. Good thing we had some colorful cellophane, we managed to package the goodies well. My kids believed they just made the best polvoron in the world.

They sold the polvorons to their titos and titas. In just an hour, all of the pretty little polvorons were sold out. Then, we used the money from their sale to buy ice cream--tigbebente a.k.a. cornetto. Hahaha! I'm the proudest mom that day :-)

Next on our list:

Puto Cheese (a rice cake with cheese)
Yema  (custard candy made of condensed milk)
Pancakes (I think they will be eaten as soon as they get out of the pan waaaaaah!!!)