Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fatten Savings During The Holidays

When I was single, my bankbook was pretty happy about my savings. Now, with the family’s growing needs, I have simply forgotten the art of putting aside some money for savings. There were numerous attempts to add to my savings, but somehow the money went to little things I thought were too little to be noticed like my kid’s happy meal every Sunday and my hubby’s additional coffee serving in the mornings.

Today, before the year ends, I am making an early new year’s resolution. Top on the list is “save money”. How to save money is a broad topic, I know. This time I want to be very specific how I can save money and I should deposit the money straight to my bank at the end of the year. 2015 get ready!

Goal: Save as much money on all household expenses.

These are the things that I will diligently do:

1. Avoid 3in1 coffee. These coffee mixes are more expensive than making your own original cup.

2. Buy fruits early and store them properly. Buying fruits the day before Christmas and the day before the New Year will make you spend more because prices are likely to go up because of the demand.

3. Wrap gifts using recycled papers.

4. Turn on the Christmas lights only at night and turn them off before going to sleep.

5. Turn off the TV before going to bed. My hubby has a habit of sleeping with the TV on.

6. No eating out on weekends.

7. Cook food in small batches. I have a tendency to cook more than we can eat.

8. Spend an extra few minutes in the grocery and compare prices. I’m sure
I could get same quality goods at cheaper prices.

9. Prepare lunch for my hubby and beg him to eat it instead of him eating at the cafeteria. ( I hope the begging part will work :-)

10. Go through our old stuff and sell things that are not being used anymore.

These are only some of things I can think as of now. I will sure add to the list. But I will go back to this post again at the end of the month and I will share with you how it will go. How about you, what are your thoughts in saving? You can also share them here.

Happy saving!

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